The Myth of Gaining Weight When You Quit Smoking

August 8, 2017


You don’t have to gain weight when you quit smoking.


However, why do many people pack on the pounds as soon as they’ve quit? Some would perhaps say it’s an oral fixation, and they need to replace the habit. Others might claim it’s a distraction away from the old behaviors.


The interesting thing to learn is that there is a bit of science to why some people would gain weight from quitting smoking.


There are many chemical additives in cigarettes, such of formaldehyde, cyanide, and arsenic, but did you know what common “poison” is contained in most brands?




Click here to read the article on sugar and cigarettes:


It's all in your head!




Some would argue that the “evil cigarette companies” added sugar as it was just another addictive thing to “hook their minions of smokers.” I would actually guess that the sugar was added to mask the stink of all the other chemicals.


So you suddenly stop smoking, and the body goes into the mode where it wants that sugary sweetness once again. And then comes the FOOD. With hypnosis, we do it differently. It’s true that your senses will come alive as you eliminate the behavior. Foods will smell and taste better. We utilize this fact and reinforce water consumption – and the fun fact is many of our clients even might lose a few pounds during the process!


Are you ready to taste the sweet smell smell of success? If so, call us at (216) 359-0018 to schedule your sessions now.




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