The Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Loss

June 1, 2017

Are you thinking about how you will maintain or even lose weight easily and effortlessly during this upcoming holiday season?  If you are, I’ve got a plan that may be just what you need!!! 


If you are struggling to lose or maintain your weight, I’d like to invite you to participate in  a weight-loss system which incorporates the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB), developed by UK clinical hypnotherapist Sheila Granger.  Not only has VGB shown consistent positive results for  thousands of clients, it’s the only hypnotic weight loss system that been through clinical trails. This process can’t be easier.  We meet once a week for 5 weeks and you’ll asked to complete various FUN homework assignments.  Its that simple.  


Shelia Grainger says it best, “I give the people wanting to lose weight the right mindset to be able to do it. Losing weight is ultimately simple, but applying the basic rules which we are all well aware of is the challenge.”


We all know a version of eating and exercise that works for us personally.  The challenge becomes having that effective way of interacting with food and exercise be the standard.  VGB creates the experience of shrinking the size of your stomach to the size of a golf ball through hypnotic suggestion.  When you have smaller capacity for food, you eat less.  When you are eating less, you are thinking more about what you are eating which creates a pathway for healthier choices and a healthier you!


“People have recorded reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels, an increase in confidence, self-esteem, happiness, more enjoyment of exercise, stress reduction, loss of anxiety, sleep improvement, increased mobility, a loss of depression and in several cases, an increased libido.” - Sheila Granger


I cannot say enough good about this system!  After being certified in this process,  I have seen remarkable results with my clients and I’d love for you to be the next success story.  It really works!


Learn even more here!


Bridget Coughlin, CH

Bridget Coughlin Family Hypnosis

Hudson, OH.  44236

(216) 359-0018


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